Artexing and Artexed ceiling repair

Artexed ceiling
Artex is a white surface coating, most often found on ceilings, but also on walls, which allows the painter and decorator to leave a textured finish. The name Artex is a trademark of the British company Artex Ltd, although is now a name given to similar materials.

Artex was originally intended to receive a textured finish, in contrast to the smooth finish your plasterer can achieve with skimming. Because of the textured finish, Artex could be applied with no plastering skills making it a popular choice in building finishing across Britain in the 1970s – often with the familiar swirled patterns or stippled bumps. Artex is still widely available in the UK and in builder’s merchants across Cardiff, but as textured ceilings become less popular, Artex has fallen out of fashion.

Artex Ceiling Repair

One issue painters and decorators run into with Artexed ceilings, particularly with ceiling repairs, is that matching the swirling patterns exactly can be quite an art. Raymond has been expertly matching Artexed ceiling repairs across Cardiff for 40 years! And can match most patterns perfectly, largely because most of the Artexed ceilings in Cardiff are his own original work! Or that of his brothers’.

Artex ceiling repair

Ceiling repairs are the most common request when it comes to Artexed ceilings but, being a cheap, quick and effective method of covering a surface, Artex still remains an option for homes on a lower budget, or indeed those who still enjoy the interesting patterns of a perfectly Artexed ceiling.

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Artex and asbestos

Until the mid-1980s, Artex was made with white asbestos to give it more strength and fire-retardant properties.

For that reason, artex applied since the 1990’s may or may not contain asbestos, where as old Artex manufactured by Artex Ltd. will contain white asbestos

Artex containing asbestos is only a hazard in a powder form, when sanded, drilled or otherwise disturbed. It poses no risk if left alone, or is covered by paint, or over-boarded with plasterboard – a common practice to cover Artexed ceilings.

Removing Artex from surfaces, even more modern non-asbestos Artex, can expose dust particles which can be hazardous to the painter and decorator.

Old Artex, containing asbestos, pose a very serious hazard. Inhaling dust containing microscopic asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis, a serious lung disease, as well as other very serious conditions hazardous to health. It is therefore strongly advised that DIYers seek professional guidance when approaching Artex, be it removing entirely or when attempting ceiling repairs.

Further information can be sought on the Government website

A safe, cheap and affective way to cover an Artexed ceiling is by employing a professional plasterer, painter and decorator to over-board the ceiling with plasterboard, leaving a clean surface ready to be plastered to a smooth and modern finish.

For further information, visit the Government Website

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